Glassy was born in Barcelona during 2011, with the clear intention of producing content with a big dose of emotion. In a short period of time, we gained the confidence of important advertising agencies and we fast started working on big projects. Now we compete with first level national and international production companies.

One of the things that set us apart from other companies is our strong business philosophy and our corporate culture. Our culture is based on surrounding ourselves with a great talented team that stimulates a positive working environment. Our internal mission is to improve and develop the skills of our team in the best environment.
That’s why we have established how we want, our clients, our providers, our collaborators, our directors to be, and all together build a family.

Dibujo cara Irene

Irene Alfambra


Dibujo cara Joan

Joan Ros


Dibujo cara Maria

Maria Font

Senior Producer

Dibujo cara Marta

Marta Silva


Dibujo cara Ruben

Rubén Romero

Chief Post-production

Dibujo cara Yago

Yago de la Sotilla

C.E.O, Founder & Executive Producer



Bcorp is a measurement for high standards of sustainability, social impact, accounting and transparency. A certification that, in addition, guarantees that we are a company that uses the power of business as a force for the socio-environmental transformation of the world. We not only measure the economic results but also the positive impact on society. This is reflected in our statutes and we must also publicly communicate it. We work from three main pillars: Team and community, customers and suppliers.

Team and community: Under the principle that healthy and happy people are more productive, we perform the following actions. Labour conciliation, our schedule throughout the year is flexible. We always have fresh fruit from km0 certification in the office available for free. We promote a healthy diet, ecological and sustainable transport. Of course, we recycle all our waste. We have transparent and transversal communication, and the whole team receives bonuses on all the projects in which they participate. We carry out sports activities together and participate in a minimum of 2 annual solidarity projects.

Clients: We like to work with clients that share our principles and with them we have a preferential treatment. We invest a minimum of 200 hours a year on projects of disadvantaged groups or groups with no resources.

Glassy Ruben Chief
Glassy Office sala de pospo

Suppliers: We like local suppliers and if it’s possible, ecological too. For example, our energy supplier is Holaluz, a company that guarantees that all energy comes from renewable energies and also has the BCorp certificate.

We do not want to be the best producer in the world, but the best producer for the world.





We have created an international network of producers, with whom we have a collaboration agreement so we can produce efficiently all over the world. We have family in London – UK, Alibi in Lisbon – Portugal, FilmMaker in Sofia – Bulgaria, Wefilms in Mexico D.F. – Mexico, TheRobot in Cape Town – South Africa and Big Bonsai in Sao Paulo – Brazil. If you want to join our network, contact us for more info.