LOCAL/SPAIN   Mike is an expert table top director, an entertainer, and a movie buff. It is as if his life was destined to marry his two passions: cinema and food. As a child, what he loved most was spending the mornings in his grandmother’s kitchen, but even though he was born into a family where his parents were advertising directors, what he hated the most was spending the afternoons after school on film sets. Interestingly, Mike graduated from the London Film School, to later dedicate himself to advertising cinema where he began to enter the world of food and drink filming. With a gypsy soul, Mike lived in cities such as Mexico City, New York, Washington, London, Paris, and Barcelona, allowing him to develop a global vision, always looking for the next bite, regardless of whether the place is a Michelin star or the Manolo bar. “When the food is good, everything goes into the crop.” He lover of good whiskey and film noir.


Lala Natural


Domino's Pizza