LOCAL/SPAIN Mike is an expert in food and beverage ads, a glutton, and a cinephile. It’s as if his life was destined to pair his two passions: film and food. As a kid he loved to spend his days in his grandmother’s kitchen, but he hated spending his time after school on his parents’ film sets – they were also commercial directors. Despite his resistance, he fell in love with film and studied it in London to later dedicate himself to advertising where little by little he dove in to the world of food and beverage. He has since directed ads for international brands including PepsiCo, Heineken, and Macallan, the idents for Endemol’s Master Chef, two seasons of BBC Americas’ Al Natural cooking show. A nomadic soul, Mike has lived in several different cities, including Mexico City, NYC, Washington DC, Barcelona, Paris, and London, allowing him to develop a global vision. Always in search of his next bite, you’re just as likely to find Mike at a Michelin star restaurant as a hole in the wall taco joint – as long as the food is good it all goes down the hatch.



Lala Natural

Domino's Pizza